A student testimonial
By Michael Smith

My name is Michael Smith and I am 34 years old. I have been practicing Chung Moo Doe martial arts for approximately five years. I am a second degree black belt who is training towards third degree. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration. I also hold an MBA in Management Information Systems. I am currently a Computer Operations Supervisor for a rapidly growing company in Bellevue, Washington.

I have taken many courses and workshops on customer service, leadership, and conflict resolution. When my Chung Moo Doe training first began, I was interested in developing my body and gaining physical strength. As my training accelerated, I began to feel more confident, focused and decisive. What had once seemed to be hopeless dreams were now in my reach. I was able to communicate better with my friends, my family and my co-workers. Others began to notice that I had a better attitude towards life and more respect towards people, including myself. All of these benefits had an immediate and tremendous impact on my job performance and career goals.

Part of my Chung Moo Doe training currently includes learning how to teach others to develop some of the same benefits I have gained. This training has helped me gain a much better understanding of people as I help them through the challenges posed by their training.

I am learning how to communicate at many different levels. I can understand a very diverse group of individuals, and I am learning how to relate on an individual, or situational basis.

Here’s where the real benefit of my Chung Moo Doe training comes to light. I can take what I am learning in the school and apply it directly to my job. There I am able to communicate better with a very diverse group of people. I can balance the huge number of variables which demand consideration when solving problems and overcoming obstacles at work. Whether I am motivating my team or finding compromise during the "heated" meetings, communication skills are the key. Understanding the perspective along with the abilities and expectations of others helps me find a solution where everyone wins. Chung Moo Doe training has helped me better understand "situational management theory," one of the popular techniques and a real necessity in today’s global business environment.

Never in a million years would I have thought that martial arts training could teach me so much mentally, as well as physically. I am learning to better understand myself and others. I recognize and appreciate the moo doe knowledge available to help me have more success. I look forward to my next Chung Moo Doe lesson and to my next project meeting at work.

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