Deep Breathing for Stress Relief and A Clear Mind

One movement that Chung Moo Doe students practice before every lesson is called simply "deep breathing."

Deep breathing prepares the student to participate with full concentration in the lesson by clearing the mind and relaxing the body. One aspect of Chung Moo Doe training is that students learn to develop and use full concentration toward a specific goal until the completion of that goal. Deep breathing initiates that process wile helping to relieve the stresses of daily life.

Deep breathing should be practiced in a sitting position, either in a chair or in a cross-legged or lotus position on the floor. The spine should be erect, with the shoulders and neck relaxed. The hands should be placed on the knees, palms facing up and fingers open, but again relaxed. The eyes may be closed, or open just enough to allow a crack of light between the eyelids.

The most important focal points of deep breathing practice are to completely relax the entire body and breathe in as deeply as possible.

The breath should be drawn in through the nose with the abdomen and held for a few seconds. Each breath should be held in increasing increments of a few seconds, until about 30 seconds passes for each breath. The final breath should be held as long as possible, deep in the abdomen. To finish the movement, breath in and out quickly 10 times, holding the last one as long as you can. If at any time you feel pressure in your head, release the breath.

Deep breathing may be repeated as many times as you like, and practiced throughout the day.
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