A Joyful and Exciting Journey to Black Belt

My name is Nancy Gardin. I am a Real Estate Agent in the State of Washington. I am also a 57-year old Grandmother.

I first heard of the School of Chung Moo Doe about six months ago from a friend who had just started at the school.

I stopped by the school one morning and talked with Instructor Jeff. He asked me why I was there. I heard myself explaining to him that as I watched my 77-year old mother struggle to walk up a flight of stairs it dawned on me that I was beginning to walk the same way? Feeling tears well up in my eyes and hearing the quivering tone of my voice told me this was a frightening prospect.

Instructor Jeff listened patiently as I described the pain in my hip joints and the cramping pains in my legs I awoke with every morning, an area which seems to plague the women in my family. My neck has also had pain due to the stress that I accept there. I whined something about "getting old," or "at my age," etc. Instructor Jeff smiled and said that following the teaching of Chung Moo Doe would make the difference. His tone of conviction with those words and my own desire to have something make a difference convinced me at that moment that I was about to embark on a new and exciting adventure.

I have not been disappointed! The pain in my hip, leg and neck? GONE! within one week! This relief from pain is, in and by itself, just one of the wonderful benefits I have gained through Chung Moo Doe.

I am enjoying having more vitality and stamina now than I did when I was 40 or even 30 years old. As an agent I can preview 3 times more homes than I could before my training started. My coordination and sense of balance have increased beyond measure. "Challenge" is no longer a negative concept, but a positive, exciting concept.

There is a sense of honor and respect among the students for each other, the Instructors and the Founder of the Chung Su Nim "Iron" Kim style. It is a joy and an honor to study, learn and practice in the environment offered at the School of Chung Moo Doe.

How much is it worth to feel better each day? To be able to look to the challenge of each day rather than look for the excuse for not participating fully in what life offers? What I have discovered is the benefits I have gained at Chung Moo Doe are worth the cost. I am worth it.
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