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Bradley D. Heilman I began Chung Moo Doe two years ago. I was looking for a way to balance the stresses in my life, so I visited a Chung Moo Doe school for an introductory lesson. Reflecting on the benefits of training for these past two years, that first visit seems almost a fated event.

Because Chung Moo Doe is eight martial arts taught as one, I have been given a variety of forms to loosen my ligaments, tendons and joints. I have also been given several breathing forms which have helped me breathe more effectively. As a result of practicing these forms, I have become ore flexible. Furthermore, I have noticed that on a daily basis, I am physically more relaxed. Obviously one of the focuses of Chung Moo Doe is self defense. Through practicing self defense, I am better prepared for potentially dangerous situations. Perhaps more important, I have become more confident in day to day endeavors. There is something about knowing that I can protect myself that inspires confidence in general.

I see Chung Moo Doe as an active way to learn about myself and my interactions with others. The quality of instruction is remarkable, and the attitude within Chung Moo Doe is one of respect towards one another. I am currently a first degree black belt, and recently I became an Assistant Instructor. While I am excited about what I have learned through Chung Moo Doe thus far, I am even more excited about my continuing opportunities to learn.
Sincerely, Bradley D. Heilman

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