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Diane Santana & her three children My name is Diane Santana, I'm 38 years old. I have been training for six months. My youngest son Jonathon, who is now nine years old, was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. One of the suggestions from his physician was to enroll him in a martial arts class, to help him with his body control. This is how my family and I came to Chung Moo Doe. For Jonathon, I believe he gained his ability, plus more. His father and I have seen subtle changes in his behavior. I've seen him stand up and allow someone else to use his chair. Holding the door open for an adult. A co-worker mentioned how respectful he was on the phone, when he called me. I asked Jonathon, Damain, and Vanessa to write a brief note on how they felt about Chung Moo Doe.

Jonathon - "My favorite martial art is Kong Su. I like getting into the forms. I feel safer, because I can now protect myself and I'm not so afraid. I always have a good time and I enjoy participating in the Chung Moo Doe tournament."

After Jonathon started my oldest son Damian, who is now 13, also wanted to train.
Damian- "The reason I first joined was to control my short temper and violent words. I thought it might also help me to defend myself, if I ever needed to. By my third section I noticed I didn't lose my temper as often. I also realized I had an easier time holding positions which build muscle in my legs. Because of Chung Moo Doe and my instructor, I feel more confident, I'm more physically active and I don't lose my temper as often. I can not say that without it my life would be terrible, but it would definitely be worse."

My daughter Vanessa who is now 11, after watching her brothers, decided she'd like to start training.
Vanessa- :"I started Chung Moo Doe because it looked like fun. It is a lot of work, but it makes me feel good. I have gotten stronger and I feel my concentration is better. My favorite martial arts are Kong Su and Tai Chi Chung. What I really like is feeling safe on the streets or anyplace where I am alone."

"I would like to thank all the instructors who have been involved in my training, but I would especially like to thank Chong Su Nim "Iron" Kim, for developing and sharing a method that enables my family and I to better ourselves.
Diane Santana- "For me, my reasons for joining Chung Moo Doe were in hopes of helping me with my physical problems. I have carpel tunnel and tendonitis. Before I started my training in Chung Moo Doe I could not lift anything over 10 pounds, I would often have to wrap my hands and wear a brace. By using the movements of Chung Moo Doe I regained strength and mobility back in my upper body again, plus more than I expected. Around second section I started to see the change. After class I felt good, I no longer needed the arm braces. I gained the ability to concentrate more and I was less stressed from home or work. I have come to enjoy my time in class. I enjoy training under different levels of instructors."

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