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Jeffrey Fiske My name is Jeffrey Fiske, I am twenty-eight, happily married and expecting to be a father soon. I was an avid reader of self-help books, picking one up every month or so. I thought that by reading the techniques for success that others have used, I would then gain this knowledge, and learn how to have satisfaction and give special meaning to my life by helping others. Despite two years of these books, and being considered successful by my peers, I was still stressed out, and something was missing in my life.

I had decided to make a change in my life, but I did not know how. Having read a few flyers and testimonials, I decided to try Chung Moo Doe. I walked into a school, and enrolled in the basic class for my first month.

As I practiced after just two months, I saw that other students' bodies were changing beyond what I thought was possible. I joined the advanced training and two months later signed up for Black Belt classes. I never would have though then after 10 months of training I would gain back all the weight I lost, a deeper respect for myself, and begin a deeper level of understanding of the human condition. Over time I have begun to realize a positive change in my family life, through better communication and better mental clarity. What still surprises me is their commitment to their students and complete dedication to their communities. I am deeply grateful to Chung Moo Doe. Thank You.

The independent owners of the CHUNG MOO DOE® schools are proud to present personal testimonials from students in the hope that others may better understand the benefits of training in the CHUNG MOO DOE® martial arts.
All School of CHUNG MOO DOE® The CHONG SU NIM "IRON" KIM Style franchises are independently owned and operated.

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