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Chung Moo Training helped develop
my confidence, self image and self respect.

Spencer Montague My name is Spencer Montague, I am twenty years old, a full time student in college and a part time sales person. I have been training as a student in the Chung Moo style for 16 months.

My family consists of my two parents and seven children, six boys and a girl, I am the youngest of the seven and I have seen in almost every family member have a problem with their joints, especially within the legs. I played basketball with my friends on a weekly basis and one week I stepped wrongly on my left ankle and tore two ligaments in the ankle alone. After that experience, my ankle had never been the same in stability or strength. My weak ankle was a major concern in my training. But as I trained my ankle became stronger. My next obstacle to overcome is a reoccurring case of mild asthma. It is my goal to rid my body of this condition, and through my training and personal attention from the instructors at the school, I know it is within reach.

Although physically I can see myself changing, the benefits I have received mentally are staggering. Before I began my training, I had a very low image of myself and next to nothing in self respect. Small traumatic events in my life would have a large impact on how I projected myself physically and mentally. Now I have been able to take the good and bad in stride. Keeping my mind at one single level, not too high with the good events in life and not too low when times are bad. The ability to control my actions have come a long way in the last year. Self confidence has risen with the knowledge that if a situation in which I would have to defend myself ever came up, I would handle it with control and confidences.

The opportunity to learn and train in the school of Chung Moo Doe has had positive effects upon my life and I thank the instructors for that opportunity to train and better myself.

Spencer Montague

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