Balanced Mind -- Strong Body

Building Stronger Communities through the Correct Application of Moo Doe Knowledge
Winter 1998 Volume 1 Issue 1
Keys to Success: Ready for Anything
Kevin Fallon, Vice President of American Music
Kevin Fallon, Third Degree Black Belt Assistant Head Instructor of Chung Moo Doe
Kevin Fallon is Vice President of American Music and a Third Degree Black Belt Assistant Head Instructor of Chung Moo Doe in the Seattle Area.

by Kevin Fallon

Would you like to become a more effective salesperson, parent, teacher or student?

After over 15 years at American Music as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing, I can assure you that one element is essential for success -- proper mental and physical preparation.

The application of this important skill learned from Chung Moo Doe martial arts training can directly and immediately increase effectiveness in any personal or business endeavor. Although this principle may fit quickly into family, work or school, the application here will be in retail sales.

One of the most exciting aspects of retail sales is that the salesperson never knows who might walk in to the store. The salesperson must be able to balance any situation a potential customer may present. She or he must be able to think on her or his feet, make good decisions on the spot, answer any objections and bring the situation to a positive conclusion, all without knowing who is going to walk in next.

Faced with such possibilities, many inexperienced salespeople make the mistake of thinking they cannot prepare for the unknown customer, that they need to be reactionary. In fact, in any situation requiring decisiveness and a balance of interests, personal organization and proper preparation are essential.

This is just like the Chung Moo Doe martial arts student who, while developing self defense skills in the practice room, cannot predict exactly who might attack him or her, or what attacks and techniques a potential assailant might use. By practicing various techniques and improving physical abilities in a safe environment, then applying them in different situations, the student develops not only a sense of what might be needed in a self defense situation, but he or she develops an ability to think quickly and balance smoothly all factors in a challenging situation. This ability gives rise to a feeling of outstanding personal confidence, which can make the difference between success or failure.

The salesperson lacking confidence might lose credibility with the customer or enthusiasm for the product, losing a sale.

The confidence salesperson, however, who knows inventory, product features, general customer and market statistics and trends along with the competition (in other words, someone who is properly prepared), can make a connection with a potential buyer. This connection can make the sale.

Proper preparation, its subsequent confidence and the positive, relaxed attitude which can come from the practice of Chung Moo Doe form can create an unbeatable combination for success in retail sales, home life, school activities, personal relationships or in any area of your life where balanced decision making, a sharp mind and concern for others can mean the difference between success and failure.
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